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LogoLicious - Your Logo App

Concept development / UX/IX Design / App production / Project management

An easy to use mobile app for adding your own logo or watermark to photos before you share them online.

We live in a digital and fast pacing world where 'social' sharing (articles, posts, tweets and images) is the norm. Things go from hand-to-hand/ click-to-click so quick, their roots get lost easily.

I co-founded and created LogoLicious to help small businesses and designers. You can brand and personalize your images and therefore also prevent losing track of a photos' origin and to avoid illegal (re-)use. Basically it's a Branding-On-The-Go application for mobile devices.

We focussed on simplicity and WYSIWYG layout, because we wanted every feature just one click away, keeping it easy but functional, making it a quick but powerful tool.

For more more info visit:

LogoLicious Add Your Logo App logo
get it on Google Play
get logolicious on the Apple App store

Concept: Mic Schut & Olav Laudy

UX / UI: Mic Schut

Marketing + Art direction + Design: Mic Schut

Webdesign: Mic Schut

Programming | Dev: Dondell Batac

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