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Concept development / UX/IX Design / App production / Project management

An easy to use mobile app for adding your own logo or watermark to photos before you share them online.


We live in a digital and fast pacing world where 'social' sharing (articles, posts, tweets and images) is the norm. Things go from hand-to-hand/ click-to-click so quick, their roots get lost easily.

LogoLicious is created to help small businesses and designers. You can brand and personalize your images and therefore also prevent losing track of a photos' origin and to avoid illegal (re-)use. Basically it's a Branding-On-The-Go application for mobile devices.

I have focussed on simplicity and WYSIWYG layout, because we wanted every feature just one click away, keeping it easy but functional, making it a quick but powerful tool.

For more more info visit: http://addyourlogoapp.com/


Annual Aruba Tattoo Convention

Concept: Mic Schut & Olav Laudy

UX / UI: Mic Schut

Art direction + Design: Mic Schut

Webdesign: Mic Schut

Programming: Dondell Batac

All graphic design and marketing collateral 

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