photo by Lara Overwater ©



Back in 2011 I had the crazy idea to put down a 'Williwood' sign in Curaçao at a little village called St. Willibrordus. The village could use the publicity and economy boost. My plan also included the set-up of a souvenir shop, (with local arts) creating t-shirt prints, a small roadmap and a guided tour of the area.
It took some organization, a lot of local support but we pulled it off and made this landmark into a real tourist attraction.
It now has a annual festival, has been published in books, used in videos and popularity is still g(r)o(w)ing strong anno 2016


Visit the FB page of Williwood

Festival: Williwood Love Celebration (2015)

Check out the sign featured in a local music video: 'Dit Eiland' - Diverse Sauzen ft. Gigoloko & Shirma Rouse

Ideation: Mic Schut

Art direction: Mic Schut

Logo design(s): Mic Schut

Graphic design: Mic Schut