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Back in 2011 I had the crazy idea to put down a 'Williwood' sign in Curaçao in a little village called St. Willibrordus. The village could use the publicity and economy boost. My plan also included the set-up of a souvenir shop, (with local arts) creating t-shirt prints, a small roadmap and a guided tour of the area.

It took some organization, a lot of local support but we pulled it off and made this landmark into a real tourist attraction.

It now has a annual festival, has been published in books, used in videos and popularity is still g(r)o(w)ing strong anno 2023
Check out Williwood on Google

Find it on Google Maps 
Check out the sign featured in a local music video: 'Dit Eiland' - Diverse Sauzen ft. Gigoloko & Shirma Rouse

Ideation: Mic Schut

Art direction: Mic Schut

Logo design(s): Mic Schut

Graphic design: Mic Schut

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